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Women’s Health: Healthy Hormones

Insulin resistance and adrenal stress levels can be determined through blood and salivary testing (for adrenals). I also often recommend women have their thyroid levels checked as well, as they can also contribute to fatigue and weight gain if they are out of balance. For adrenal support B-complex vitamins and adrenal support herbs like ginseng, or the ayurvedic herb ashwanganda are often recommended. For insulin resistance supplements like alpha lipoic acid, chromium, as well as fish oil are often part of the protocol I recommend.

Women experience monthly and daily hormonal cycles often affecting moods, weight, and even brain chemistry. For example, serotonin—the “calming” brain chemical responsible for sleep, mood, and pain sensitivity—is often lower in women than men. Without sufficient amounts of serotonin, women often crave carbohydrates, causing weight gain and a rise blood sugar. A healthier solution is adding quality proteins and good fats to the diet to help raise serotonin.

Having worked mostly with women throughout my career, I have noticed the two areas of greatest concern are: weight and fatigue. However, with more and more of the population entering peri-menopause and menopause, other additional issues seem to crop up, such as sleep disorders, hot flashes, and bone loss. Symptoms can be greatly helped with the supplement and dietary recommendations I’ve already mentioned.

Often misunderstood and yet touted on a daily basis is the notion that all foods should be evaluated on how many calories they contain versus the quality of the food itself. Our state of health, and subsequently our weight, is greatly dependent on the vitality of the food. The more vital and fresh a food is, the more vital a person will be. So calories are not as important as quality. Which means the more fresh, pure, natural, and unadulterated the food is, the better it is for you.

A woman’s health is also dependent on having a healthy digestive tract. Constipation, bloat, heartburn and gas, and even yeast infections indicate an unhealthy gastrointestinal tract. An unhealthy digestive tract will not perform correctly and weight imbalances, fatigue, and other symptoms are often the result. Food allergies also constitute a burden on our digestive and immune systems, often causing weight gain as well.